Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Changes

Ah, where to start? Well, I'm pregnant! My husband and I are due to have our first child in August.

When I started this blog two years ago, I subtitled it "Preparing our finances for starting a family". Well, the family is on it's way, are the finances prepared?

I think we are about as financially ready as we can be for having children and becoming a one-income family. Our emergency fund is where we want it to be. We have a good-sized home improvement (repair) fund and enough in our car fund to buy a late-model used vehicle. We will also still be able to fund our retirement accounts, although we'll probably be putting in a little less than we are now. We even have two vacations planned (and money to pay for them) before the baby arrives!

I've always heard that if you wait for the "perfect" time to have kids, it will never happen. I can definitely see how that's true. There's a part of me that thinks, "I wish we had just a little more in our emergency fund, car fund, home improvement fund, etc." Overall, though, I think we're well prepared.

I say all of this to lead up to letting you know that I plan to stop writing on the Family and Finances blog. The bill for renewing the domain name is coming due, and this seems like the right time. I'm going to try to move the blog back over to blogger at, but it may not work and I might lose everything! I do not plan to continue writing here, but if you are interested in keeping up with my personal life, you are welcome to follow along at my personal blog here.

Thanks for joining me in this two-year journey!