Monday, December 10, 2007

An Introduction

Hi! I am a newly married 27-year-old woman who recently decided to try to start blogging! I titled my blog "Family and Finances" because those are the topics I am thinking of doing most of my blogging about.

On the "finances" topic, I have recently discovered financial blogs and find that I really love reading them. I decided that at the very least I can link to some of the best things I read so that more people can learn to better their finances.

Regarding the "family" portion, my husband and I are thinking of starting a family of our own in about 2 or 3 years, so I think I will blog about that. It will probably be mostly about the financial aspects for now and get more varied once we get closer to actually trying to start expanding our family.

I'm not sure if I will stick with this or not. I'm not really much of a writer, but I am a big reader. I guess we'll find out!


Heidi at BankerGirl said...

Good Luck, Becky!

I have appreciated your past comments on my fledgling blog and look forward to reading yours regularly!

Mrs. Micah said...

Hi Becky! Good luck with your new endeavors and congrats on your marriage (I just hit the 5 month mark!).


Becky said...

Thank you ladies! Congrats Mrs. Micah! Our wedding dates must be pretty close together :)

Mrs. Micah said...

7/7 (our 5 year anniversary, plus 2 days...) :)

lynnae @ said...

Congrats on your new marriage! How exciting!

And watch out for the blogging. I never really considered myself much of a writer either, and now I can't imagine not blogging! It's addicting! :)

prodiscgolfer said...

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Needless to say, I think your suggestion about going out to a disc golf course for the day is a great one! Best of luck to you and your blogging.

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Take care!