Monday, August 25, 2008

Meeting Davy Jones

Pete at BibleMoneyMatters recently posted about his opportunity to meet Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. He stated that the governor seemed really nice and asked if anyone else had met someone famous and what their opinion of the famous person was.

I thought for awhile and then smiled, remembering the time that I met Davy Jones (of the Monkees). It's kind of a fun story, so I thought I'd share!

I think it was in 2002 that two of my best friends and I decided to go to Kentucky on vacation. One of the girls and I had gone the summer before and had so much fun that we talked our other friend into joining us on a second trip. You hadn't realized Kentucky was such a fun place, had you?!?

Anyway, I think we were in Lexington when we decided to stop at a mall. I don't remember why we stopped, maybe one of us had forgotten something? At any rate, we were walking through the mall and, coming to the center, saw a huge line of people. Wondering what was going on, we looked around and eventually saw a sign stating that Davy Jones was going to be making an appearance to sign autographs and do the picture thing with fans.

My girlfriends and I didn't really have an agenda for the vacation, so we decided to get in line! Once we got to the front, we realized that Davy Jones is a pretty short guy! I'm 5', so I was shorter than him, but I was the only one. :) We got our picture taken and cracked a few jokes. It was fun listening to his British accent (whenever I say the name Davy Jones, I have to say it with a British accent!). He was a very nice guy, and I'm really glad we decided to hop into that line. Pretty crazy, huh?!

How about you? Have you met anyone famous? What were they like?

ps - The picture of Davy Jones above is the one that was taken with my girlfriends and me. I cut us out to protect the guilty!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

$72 Saved On Our Mortgage

About a year ago, I created an Excel spreadsheet that I enter our mortgage payments into every month. I used directions in this post from Trent at The Simple Dollar to create the spreadsheet. There are instructions in the comments on adding an "Additional Principal" column, which I also did.

I have really enjoyed using this spreadsheet over the past year. My husband and I round up when we pay our mortgage each month, and I get immense satisfaction in putting that $7.xx in the "Additional Principal" column (I know, I'm a geek!). The spreadsheet automatically adjusts our final payment (which is about 10 years from now) with each additional $7 I enter.

Since my husband and I both get paid bi-weekly, we end up with two months each year that contain an "extra" paycheck. This month happens to be one of those months, so we decided to apply an additional $100 to our September 1st mortgage payment, just for fun.

I went into my spreadsheet the other night and typed $107.xx into the "Additional Principal" column. I then checked our final payment to see how much it was affected. Our final payment went down by $179.xx! How fun is that?!?

That, my friends, is $72 our mortgage company will never see. :)

*sigh* It's the small things in life!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Love Fresh Tomatoes!

I grew up out in the country, and we always had a large garden in the summer. I have now lived in town for five years, and I sure miss that monstrous country garden!

Though I will probably never have a garden as big as the ones I had growing up, I am growing edibles at my house. A very nice raspberry patch came with our house when my husband bought it three years ago:

The raspberries have just finished up, but it's an ever-bearing raspberry patch, so we should have more berries this fall. Mmmm, mmmm!

This spring, I planted two "large tomato" plants and one "cherry tomato" plant. I love cherry tomatoes and have been enjoying them for about two weeks now.

My husband really likes the larger tomatoes. We just took the first two off the plant last weekend (in the picture below) and my husband had them in tacos. He was very happy.

At my first "city" house, I tried cucumber plants, which are another of my favorites. Between the deer and the rabbits (I had a wooded ravine in my backyard, so I had deer in the middle of the city), I could NOT keep the cucumber plants alive. I haven't tried them at my new house, but I think I'll give it another go next spring. We don't have deer here, just the rascally rabbits. I plan on having my husband build a wire mesh cage around the plants to protect them from the rabbits. I have no idea if that will work. Any tips?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Countertops Equal Happy???

I drive past a cabinet and countertop store on my way home from work every day. They have an electronic billboard out front that they seem to like to change regularly. It's very nice of them to change it up often, but I found their last two messages to be fairly annoying.

A couple of weeks ago, the billboard proclaimed "Be The Joneses". Oh, brother. Give me a break! Does anyone really fall for that? Check this article out before you run out for new cabinets if you fight with wanting to "be the Joneses".

This past week, the store had a new message for commuters. "New Countertops Equal Happy" the sign declared when I drove past on my way home last night. Are you serious? Do they really expect me to believe that? An inspiring article I read this week demonstrates that there are those out there that really know what does equal happiness.

Have you read any billboards lately that made you roll your eyes? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Favorite Blog Post: 8/1/08

I was going through my Google reader today and came across this post over at Gather Little By Little.

Glblguy is letting his readers know about bump keys. Bump keys are a special key readily available on the internet that allows anyone to open just about any lock, including the one on your front door. Pretty scary. Check out Glblguy's post and the link to a website that would like to ban the sale of these "skeleton" keys.

Have a great weekend!