Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How My Husband Has Made Me A Better Person

I was originally going to title this post "How Marriage Has Made Me A Better Person", but after looking at my list (which, by the way, is not complete, just a few things that came to me off the top of my head), I realized that it wasn't marriage but the wonderful man I married that is making me a better person! Anyway, here are three of the ways that my husband has helped me to be a better person:

1. I am learning to do life more slowly. My husband is a very patient man. He's never in a hurry to anything! While this drives me crazy once in a while, most of the time it is a very good thing. I am reminded to slow down and enjoy life. I am reminded that the world will not end if I don't get X, Y, and Z done in the next 10 minutes. I'm very grateful (most of the time!) to my husband for continuing to teach me this virtue.

2. I am spending more time with family. My husband and I are both very close to our parents and enjoy spending time with them. My husband, though, makes a more conscious effort to visit his parents on a regular basis, which in turn makes me want to visit my parents more regularly. The end result is that through the winter months we tend to spend every Sunday with one of the two sets of parents. Luckily, both sets of parents live within 45 minutes of us!

3. I do a better job when brushing my teeth. I know this sounds silly, but it's absolutely true! My husband and I brush our teeth together every morning and night. Before marriage, I was a 30-second tooth brusher. Swipe the brush around a bit, everything feels clean, done. My husband, on the other hand, is a 3-minute tooth brusher. He scrubs and swipes and get every nook and cranny. Twice. At least. When I brush my teeth with my husband, I become a 2-minute tooth brusher. I still get done before him, but I am much more thorough. I'm not sure why I do this, but I know it's good for me!

I'm very thankful to have been blessed with being able to share my life with my husband. If you're married, think of some ways that your spouse has made you a better person and thank them for it. If you're not married, keep looking! There is a man/woman out there who will allow you to become a better you.


Mrs. Micah said...

My husband has gotten me brushing longer too! I'm embarrassed and feel dirty if I finish before him. He's so meticulous about it...

Becky said...