Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hugs, Kisses, and All That Mushy Stuff

Today is my one year wedding anniversary! I love you, Hubby!

It's been a very busy spring for us, so we both took the day off of work. We plan to take a leisurely walk down to a local park and have a picnic lunch today. Ah, relaxation!

(yep, the picture is of us - one year ago!)

Photo by Tammy Muller


ladybugblue said...

HOOORAY! Way to go, you two! That's even longer than Britney Spears made it! Wow. Keep up the good work!

SpillingBuckets said...

Happy Anniversary!!!


And cheers to many more down the road. My grandparents anniversary was yesterday - 56 years.

LP said...

Happy happy happy anniversaary!!! So glad I was able to be part of your special day!