Monday, February 9, 2009

An Ambassador? Sure!!!

Sorry to post two articles in a row about things I received in the mail, but this is too cool to not post about. Check out what was in the box I received in the mail the other day:

The box contained a full-size bottle of Jergens Naturals lotion, plus ten sample packs and ten coupons! Jergens included a letter asking me to be their ambassador by handing out the samples and coupons to my friends. How fun is that!?! I think I received this because of a survey I filled out awhile back, but I don't remember exactly.

Anyway, I'll try to post something more substantial on here soon :)


Anonymous said...

I like! ; ) LS

Becky said...

Oh, don't worry, you're getting one! Btw, I have a Sensodyne coupon. Do you want me to keep it for you?

Kimberly said...

Oh! That's very cool... Love fun boxes like that :)

Jamie said...

What a nice suprise!!