Saturday, April 18, 2009

Car Selling Tips?

As I mentioned a few months ago, my husband and I bought a new (used) car last winter and were waiting until spring to sell my really sweet Mustang. Well, spring has arrived and the Mustang is up for sale. We put it on Craigslist last Sunday (speaking of which, I should re-post it today) and have also put it on CarSoup.

So far, I've only had one reply, and that was from a kid who wanted to trade it for his 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse (umm, no thanks!).

We have some wiggle room in the price, so we'll probably drop it down soon. I priced it above Kelly Blue Book, but way below anything else comparable on CarSoup.

I'm beginning to wonder if we should also list the car on I know our local newspaper links to and so does Yahoo!, so the traffic is probably a lot heavier.

Anyone have any advice? Are people even buying cars right now? Should we list it on Any thoughts are appreciated!

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