Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorite Blog Post 4/11/08

My favorite blog post this week was from Mrs. Micah. I really need to get a little more organized with an "alien abduction manual". This is a fun way of saying that you (and I) should have our financial paperwork organized in case something should happen to us. That way, our spouse (or whoever will take over our finances if something happens to us) isn't at a complete loss during a difficult time.

I'm off on another vacation next week. I'm heading to Washington DC (which, ironically enough, is where Mrs. Micah lives)!

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Mrs. Micah said...

Glad you liked the idea! :)

If you're feeling chummy and will be around on 4/16 @ 6pm in DC, there's actually a DC PF blogger meet-up. Just e-mail me (mrsmicah and g mail) for info. Or if you feel like meeting up another's always fun to meet people when they come to town.