Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Did You Vote?

Yesterday was the Fall Primary Elections. Did you know that? Did you vote?

I walked down to the neighborhood school where I vote after work yesterday. I entered the gym, and the ladies in charge looked surprised! They said I was the first person there to vote in an hour and a half. They then told me that I was only the 88th person in to vote ALL DAY!

I told the ladies that I didn't think the elections were very well "advertised" and they agreed. In fact, I just went on my local newspaper's website to see if they had any results, and there was absolutely NO information on the home page. How weird is that? Primary elections aren't news?

As I think about this some more, I'm realizing that, of all 46 blogs that I subscribe to, not a single one mentioned voting today. I wish I had thought of it earlier - I would have reminded you!

As I left the gym last night, one of the elderly ladies said to me, "Don't forget to come back in November!" I thought that was funny. If I can remember this election, I'm pretty sure I won't forget the November one :)


ladybugblue said...

Yeah, so I TOTALLY missed that one; didn't even realize it was an election day till folks asked me about it when they came over at 7 last night. :( I would have if I had realized!!

Les@SpillingBuckets said...

I didn't realize until too late.


Mueller said...

The sign at my town hall advertised voting for the primary about a week before the primary. I didn't even know who was running in my area. What happened to lawn signs and bumper stickers? Don't people want to advertise their political beliefs in front of their home or on their cars any more?

The sign was the only indication of the primary at all. It seems that unless there is an ugly scandal or some nasty mud slinging the local news organizations (all Pulitzer prize worthy) don't give it any attention. However I did see a lovely story about Mason Crosby showing the Radio City Music Hall Rockets how to kick a football.

Anyway I didn't learn enough about the local politicians to make a decision so I decided to abstain from voting.

What is going on in November?
Ohhh.... Thanksgiving!

Becky R said...

I wish I was more aware of stuff like this. I am so busy trying to raise my kids (alone), homeschool, work, do homeschool co-op, plus live frugally that I have no time for politics. I know this is sad. I will be voting in Nov. though.
I really enjoy your blog! -Becky in NJ