Friday, February 29, 2008

Favorite Blog Post 2/29/08

My favorite blog post this week was 5 Reasons to Abandon Television at The Wisdom Journal. My husband and I very rarely watch live tv. We do own the House tv series on DVD, but even then we only average about one episode a week and about one movie a month. There's so many other fun things to do with your life!

Check out this week's Carnival of Money Stories at Collecting My Cash. My story about getting my free credit report was included.

Have a great weekend :)


Ron@TheWisdomJournal said...

Hey Thanks for the link.
Hope you enjoy your House series.
There's nothing like watching a show and having zero commercials.

ladybugblue said...

Yeah, gotta love The Tube. I sometimes think you can hear the sucking sound when you turn it on!