Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jamaican Honeymoon: The Finances

As I mentioned in previous posts, my husband and I just got back from our honeymoon in Jamaica. We had budgeted $1000 in spending money, which I also mentioned in a previous post. How did we do?

Excursions: $590
Pictures: $40
Food: $10
Parking: $40
Souvenirs/Misc: $50
Cash for tips, etc: $70
Total: $800

To expound a little, the excursions were the reason that we saved as much as we did. We swam with dolphins and went horseback riding in the ocean, two things that weren't included in our package and were very pricey! They were worth every penny, though. Also, we nearly ran out of tip money. If you ever go on a trip like this, I recommend at least $100 (especially if your husband is a big tipper!) and make sure it's almost all in $1 bills :)

I was very happy to come in under budget, especially since I'm worried about getting $4000 into each of our ROTH's before April 15th. The $200 we didn't spend in Jamaica is going right into our ROTH's.


Ms. M&P said...

How beautiful! I'm glad you came in under budget! I went on my honeymoon last year and it was $$$$. I was really glad we opted for Mexico instead of Greece, though...

Becky said...

Yikes! Greece would have been *really* expensive, I'm sure!