Monday, February 18, 2008

Saving Money on Your Wedding: Groom's Attire

I am doing a series of posts on saving money while planning a wedding. Today I will talk about the groom's attire. I think it's kind of humorous that it took four posts to get through the bride's attire and accessories, but I can get everything about the groom into one post! My total amount spent in this area was $120.

Groom's Attire
Men are simple creatures (no offense meant), so it's no surprise that getting them properly attired to be married is pretty simple as well.

Tuxes are probably the most common thing for a groom to wear to his wedding. Besides shopping around for the best price, here are some ways to save money:
-Get One Free. There are frequently promotions out there for the groom to get his tux rental for free when the groomsmen all get their rentals at the same place.
-Buy It. If a tux is only going to be worn once, it doesn't need to be high quality. You might want to check the rental cost against buying a cheap tux at JCPenney or the like.

Suits are my personal preference and what we did for our wedding. Some of the groomsmen already owned black suits, so that saved them a ton of money. We bought a cheap black suit for my husband, knowing that he would be able to use it again at a future wedding or for a job interview. We then bought matching ties for all of the men to go with our theme and the girls' dresses.

Of course, the groom doesn't need to wear a tux or a suit. Feel free to break from tradition and wear something out of your closet. That wouldn't cost you a dime!

Do you have any additional tips?

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