Thursday, February 7, 2008

Progress Bar

I want to send out a quick "thank you" to some people for helping me get my little progress bar up on the right side of the screen.

Thanks to Mrs. M&P for emailing the widget to me and thanks to my dear husband for tweaking it and helping me make it my own!

Now you can see how I'm doing with getting our Roth IRA's maxed out for 2007 before April 15th :)

3-5-08 Update: I've had someone get to this post from a search for "blog financial progress bar". If anyone out there would like a copy of the html coding of my progress bar, feel free to leave a comment with your email and I'll be glad to send it to you!


ladybugblue said...

What a fun idea! Best wishes!

Ms. M&P said...

I'm glad it's up! It looks great ;)