Monday, February 11, 2008

Saving Money On Your Wedding: Hair & Make-up

I am doing a series of posts on saving money while planning a wedding. Today I will talk about the bride's and bridesmaids' hair and make-up. My total amount spent in this area was $48.

Hair and Make-up

I got really lucky in this area. My future sister-in-law did my hair (Since she's a professional stylist, I paid her) and one of my bridesmaids did my make-up. Here are some tips for you:

-If you know someone who does hair or make-up, ask them. I had my future sister-in-law and a friend of one of my bridesmaids meet at a friend's house and they did everyone's hair for a really decent price.

-Ask a friend who's hair or make-up you admire. One of my bridesmaids always has perfect-looking make-up, so I asked her to do my make-up for me. This could easily also work if you have a friend who like to play with hair.

-Do it yourself. I am a huge proponent of being nice (financially) to your bridesmaids. Even if you want your own hair and make-up done professionally, you can give your bridesmaids a break and not force them to spend that extra $50-100 to get their hair done. Nobody's going to be looking at them anyway. They'll be too busy admiring you!

As always, please add more ideas in the comments!


Mrs. Micah said...

I was lucky enough to be in a wedding 2 or 3 (I was in one 2 and one 3) weeks before mine where I got my hair done by a stylist who was doing it as a favor to the family (we tipped her). She did my hair really well, so I just did the same thing myself for my wedding.

Becky said...

Wow! *Two* weddings right before your own? That sounds hectic!
I'm glad it worked out well for doing your hair, though. I was going to say, "I'm glad it saved you money", but I'm guessing that standing up in two weddings cost you more than what you saved on having your hair done!

Mrs. Micah said...

The other weddings definitely cost more. But it was nice that I got something out of it for my own.

Plus, since I don't wear makeup but wanted some for my friends' weddings (after all, I want their pics to look good and it's not their fault I don't wear makeup), I got to wear it for both those weddings and then my own.